Instructions for a photo essay submission:

Put your content in a Microsoft Word document and include the images in between the text. If you have your images hosted on Flickr or another photography website and you know how to create HTML image source code, include that code where the images will go.


< img src="Full link to where your photo is hosted" alt="The alt text of your photo" width="630" height="418" />

Make sure all of your photos are 630 pixels wide.

If you do not know how to include the image code, no problem. Put your content in the Microsoft Word document and in between the content, put each photo file name where it should go. Make sure the file name you place in the text corresponds with the file name of the images so we don't confuse your photos.

Compress the Microsoft Word document and photos. Upload the zipped file to the Photos/Photo Essay option in Submishmash.